A simple and accessible approach to yoga. Be curious about what you observe, sense & feel.

Hi!  I’m Kirstin & you may not be surprised to learn that I love yoga.  Since 2009, I’ve taught teenagers to octogenarians & every decade in between.   Movements are simple.  Time is given for skill-building.  I encourage you to pay attention to your breath & body, to feel rather than think.  My intention is to engage, inspire, and improve your overall well-being.   Yoga will help you to breathe, move & live with greater ease.

I teach weekly classes via Zoom and am available for online private sessions.   Based in Switzerland I return to the UK on a regular basis to teach classes, yoga workshops and weekends.  These events provide you with an opportunity to explore a little deeper.  They are an investment in YOU.

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“What keeps me coming back to Kirstin’s class is that she puts her students’ experience first and encourages them to develop their own presence and inner authority.” – Heather, California –


I believe that anyone can do yoga.  As a teacher, I specialise in modifying sessions to the needs of the group or individual.  During almost twenty years of practice, I have explored various approaches to yoga, experience has shown me that one system does not fit all.  I am interested in teaching yoga & movement in a way that allows for inquiry and intuitiveness. Yoga is a curious practice; observation leads us to ask questions and these questions move us towards new possibilities.   Sign up for a scheduled class or contact me with regard to arranging a private session or creating a bespoke yoga group.


Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) is an internationally recognised yoga organisation, with members and training courses all around the world.   As a senior yoga teacher, I have over 12 years & over 4000 hours of teaching experience.  I’ve studied extensively with esteemed teachers & continue to do.   In the past twelve years, I’ve taught yoga in Manchester, Mallorca, and Verbier, as well as reaching even further afield thanks to Zoom!   Aside from formal study, my daily yoga & meditation practice continues to inspire & support me both on & off the mat.   My bookcase is laden with yoga books but it is my consistent practice & exploration that makes me the teacher I am today.

Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance Professionals

Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance Professionals

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

-Moshe Feldenkrais-


Yoga brings about an awareness of the things that you don’t always pay attention too. Many come to yoga, myself included, as a physical practice yet the  benefits reach far beyond the body.   You begin by paying attention to your breath, to how you move, to how you breathe and move.   Focusing on the internal experience rather than the external appearance or result of the movement.   Yoga is a moving meditation.  If you can breathe you can do yoga.

Find ease in your body by finding stability & improving mobility

As a practitioner & teacher I am passionate about what I have learnt during nearly two decades of practice, study & teaching

Read about my life, my discoveries, influences & journey.


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“There will be no final end point, no arrival at perfection, no ultimate destination. It’s all a process. It’s all a journey”

– Frank Forencich, A Beautiful Practice –