As a teacher, I offer guidance & give space so that your experience of yoga can unfold. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner there is always something to learn. My aim is to support the learning process by encouraging you to notice the quality of each movement, the stillness between movements, the support of the ground beneath & the constant flow of the breath. Heightening awareness of sensations and being curious about what comes up.

During a class, you are invited to move with awareness, to discover the sweet spot between effort & ease. It may be challenging at times, but it will never overwhelm. Expect an accessible, light-hearted approach to yoga, warm, sincere & free of dogma. Come with an openness to explore new possibilities.

“Life cannot be mastered by a method but needs to be met with an attitude of openness and discovery.” – Charlotte Selver –


I experienced my first yoga class in 2002. At the time I was living in London with a fast paced and demanding career in the Fashion Industry. Initially, I was drawn to the physicality of yoga, it was a perfect post work, de-stress workout which delayed the inevitable post-work glass of wine!

I had no idea that there was more to it than exercise, however I soon noticed that there was something different about yoga. I felt different before a class. I felt different during a class. I felt different after a class.  Even now I find it difficult to describe what it was that drew me back to class & inspired me to discover more.  Yoga is an experiential practise;  is something to be felt rather than thought, words & intellect cannot truly express what yoga is.


Off the mat I am a coffee drinker, an avid reader & a list writer.  I love being out side, I walk daily & have recently unearthed my inner gardener!  An introvert by nature with a tendency to worry about little things & big things alike.  Time alone is important, however spending time with family & friends is an essential part of my life.

Yoga has taught me the importance of taking regular pauses.  I have discovered the benefits of stillness & being in the moment.  In this busy world we live in,  creating a balanced life requires attention & continual adjustment.  It is a life long practice & there will always be a few wobbles along the way.

“Kirstin’s classes are so much more than yoga. They are a space for me to find calm through movement, almost like slow-motion dancing. They are a time for me to breathe and find stillness, to reconnect with my strength. I have learned to love and nurture my body, perhaps for the first time in my life. Kirstin’s empathy, humour and joy shine through, taking you on a journey through each movement, so that you get what you need from your time in class”

Elaine, Switzerland

“My private yoga session is my investment in me”

Michelle, Manchester

“Ses cours sont excellents: Kirstin est une prof de yoga extrêmement douée, pleine de créativité et avec une bonne énergie. Toujours à l‘écoute, sensible et qui donne vraiment le meilleur d’elle même.”

Dominique, Switzerland

“Yoga has enhanced my life in many ways. I started it as a way of alleviating some aches & pains. With a physically active lifestyle, yoga is a way of giving my body the respect & attention it deserves. The mental benefit is an added bonus to the physical, yoga gives me a sense of calm away from the chaos of daily life.”

Jay, Stockport

“Kirstin is amazing! Her teaching really helped me to find balance on a physical & psychological level. She is able to make the most out of me during her lessons. The best teacher I ever had.”

Camilla, Ibiza

“During 5 years I attended Kirstin’s Yoga classes in Verbier; I can’t tell you how much she inspired me for my own practice and in my teachings today.  She takes care of her students, motivates consistency in practice and invites students to play and explore their bodies as well as to calm the mind in meditation.  Kirstin herself is a wonderful heartwarming person and she brings an amazing calm into the room and the athmosphere around her.  I am very grateful to know her and I want to thank her again for the amazing support especially in difficult times through the years.  It was her Yoga classes which brought peace and calm to me when my mind was lost”.

Hannah, Switzerland

Your teaching is extraordinarily kind and nourishing.  It is so obvious that you are not teaching ‘how to bend in this and that direction!!’ you are offering teaching in how to be self caring and nourish the body-mind.  Your ability to articulate the postures clearly and explain the movements in relation to the in breath and out breath is so so helpful and is a particular skill that you have.


I really enjoyed my weekend away. The venue was very chilled. The food was delicious. The schedule was spot on !

The yoga sessions were just what I wanted. Gentle and varied positions. Encouraging your body to stretch out and make you more flexible. I enjoyed the meditation best of all. I love listening to your voice.

I will definitely treat myself to another yoga weekend with Kirstin.

Gaynor, Cheadle

Kirstin’s class is a real pleasure. She makes it accessible for everyone – no experience needed. She makes you feel incredibly welcome and you easily have total confidence in her yoga teaching experience – she is open and generously shares knowledge from her own self-practice. What I really like is that she draws you in gradually from arriving and settling on your mat to constantly moving and stretching, so you’re working rhythmically but it doesn’t feel too much at any point. Then before you know it, it’s relaxation time and you feel wonderful afterwards. What more can you ask for?

Kate, Manchester

If you think you’ve done yoga before, be prepared for the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of Kirstin’s movements in her practice.

MB, Manchester

I am loving being able to continue my yoga practice despite ‘social distancing’. Kirstin’s style of yoga is grounding and nurturing, just what my body and mind needs on these strange times….

Anne, Stockport

Kirstin is a marvellous teacher and brings a sense of calm to her sessions -always leave with a feeling of well being.

Angela, Cheadle Hulme

I attended my first ever yoga class with Kirstin when I was 19. She is an incredible teacher, and a wonderful friend. She is able to instruct a diverse class of people and manages to effortlessly personalise the session for everyone. Had I not had Kirsten as my first tutor, I do not believe I would have grown to love yoga as much as I do now. I would always recommend her to anyone, no matter what level they are at and what their individual needs are.

Lauren, Stockport

Kirstin’s approach quite literally changed my life. Her inclusive, down to earth and open-minded approach to yoga is completely inspiring. She has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in her class, is calm encouraging and embodies the spirit of yoga. Anyone new to yoga will be made to feel at home and experienced yogis will find her insightful and motivational. Kirstin is fantastic – highly recommend.

Vicky, Stockport

What keeps me coming back to Kirstin’s class is that she puts her students’ experience first and encourages them to develop their own presence and inner authority.

Heather, California

“I thought yoga was just exercise until I realised how relaxed I felt after a class with Kirstin. It brings me into the present moment”

Andrea, West Didsbury, Your Content Goes Here

“Thanks for the practice. I really loved how simple and beautifully fluid it was”

Chiara, West Didsbury & Italy, Your Content Goes Here

“The little things?  The little moments? They’re not little”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn –